Types of the Two Penny Large Canoe

Type 1



Description (according to Gisburn)



Colored line joins the inner circle to the central colored disc in the left-hand value disc.
Minute dash of color across the center of the "T" in BRITISH.



Small colored dot on the lower edge of the white frame over the "T" in BRITISH.
Colored dash on the top left of the "T" in BRITISH.



Colored dashes in the white frame line over the "I" and "DS" in ISLANDS.



Dash of color in the inner white circle under the figure "2" in the left-hand value disc.



Colored dash in the white frame line over the "M" in SOLOMON.
Dot of color on the shading lines in the top left corner. (Image thanks to "Aore")



White flaw on the background touching the top of the bow of the canoe.
Colored dot above the palm tree under the "S" in ISLANDS.
Dash of color in the bottom stroke of the "E" in POSTAGE.


Type 5 Stamp 47 - Image thanks to "Aore" (place mouse on image)

Here is one example for the minor printing varieties whic occur in dozens with the Large Canoe issue: stamp 47, which consequently is the second from the right in a row and therefore of type 5 has a rather large coloured flaw in centre of left-hand tree in right-hand group of palms.

Type 5 - No 47


2d - type 5 - No 47

[Type 5 No 47]