The 3 March 1903 Mrs. Gerald "Dampny" Postcard
Written by Mrs. Mabel Kate Witts on Elephant Island near Hog Harbour, Santo Island

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Mable Kate Witts diary 1909
18 April 1911

Mable Kate Witts diary 1909.

After his wife had to return to Australia for health reasons Mr. Witts tried to sell his property. The name Herring shows up again which was the maiden name of Mrs. Witts.
15 October 1910

Sale advertising 1910 - in vain as Mr. Witts was still in Hog Harbour in 1911.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald of 1911 telling a story in which Mr. Witts was involved.
18 April 1911

Mr. Theo Thomas and Mr. Witts in a police party at Santo.
Source: National Library of Australia

3 March 1909

This is a "Hume's Copyright" card # 201 "Giant Yam, New Hebrides" # 201. But this is not important here.

The card was written by Mrs. M.K. Witts, born Herring. On the internet exists a "Mabel Kate Witts Diary" here for the year 1909. In this diary Mable Witts writes on 27th February 1909:

"Up at 15 to 6. so tired when I got up. So Dearie did all the cleaning of the stove for me, wile I finished writing my letters...." and on 3rd March 1909: "Steamer in at last! She whistled at too early, so I did not go on aboard."

So she wrote the card above on 27th February and it was carried to the steamer - it was the Burns Philp MALAITA, 929 tons, Captain Voy - on 3rd March and cancelled on board with the 1892 English New Hebrides postmark.

About the addressee:

The card has a typo in the name of the addressee: Mrs. Gerald Dampney would have been be correct. Guests at the Dampney wedding in 1906 were Mr & Mrs Leslie Herring, the parents of Mabel. So the addressee was well known in the family.
Source: Trove, Australia.

As I found out later, Hilder Dampney, married to Gerald Dampney was Mabel's cousin (nee Henning - Mabelís mother was a Tucker, whose sister had married Baldolf Henning) and was a close friend.

Some background of this 3 March 1909 postcard


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