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July 2018: a rather dangerous complete ovpt forgery of SG58a - the right one is genuine.

February 2017: a rather dangerous forgery of PM2

Another 2016 May FORGERY

Here's what I saw today on an international auction site: a 1921 inverted 1d overprint. The "1d" is not identical to the genuine overprint and additionally is placed at the wrong side of the stamp: at bottom and not over the word "New Hebrides". I wonder if I get an answer from the seller when I asked him how it can be that the 20 known genuine stamps carry the overprint at another place.
But there is a heartbreaking story about a Baron Frederick Von Lubcke ......and a typewriter CT (22) on reverse......
I inserted a part of a genuine stamp with 1d at the correct place into the forged one - beware!
1d inv. FORGERY
The original offer & text:
1d inv. FORGERY 1d inv. FORGERY
The link to Ebay


Some 1977 VILA overprint provisionals are on the market at the moment on an international internet auction site which are rather primitive forgeries. Beware!

The 1977 VILA overprint provisionals forgeries. Images thanks to a fellow collector in New Caledonia. (click to close)

2015 Feb. FORGERY

This is ridiculous: A very poor computer overprint of the 5c with the wrong printing ink and then "Nouvelles Hébrides N°58A N* TB cote 1350 euros !!RRR" as a caption! Then way further down "Très RARE ,mais surcharge NON originale". Beware of this forgery - this stamp had a value of some cents but now it is soiled with ink and is worth NOTHING.

The 5c w/o CONDOMINIUM ovpt forgery - Ebay February 2015 (click to close)

2014 Dec. FORGERY

Beware of this forgery: At the moment (December 2014) a seller at Ebay U.S. offers a forgery made with an image of the roast missionary stamp auctioned at Feldman Switzerland in May for about 400 €. It is incredible that some people are willing to pay more than 1 Penny for a newly printed little piece of paper.

The roast missionary fake Dec 2014 (click to close)

2013 Sept. FORGERY

Beware of this forgery: At the moment (November 2013) a seller at Ebay U.S. offers forgeries of the roast missionary stamp. It is incredible that some people are willing to pay more than $US120 for a newly printed little piece of paper. The original is in my collection.

The roast missionary fake Nov 2013 (click to close)

2013 September
The spray cancel (see below) is still in use. And here I can show two nice cancels thanks to Martin Treadwell.
Vanuatu 2013

Craig Cove Post Ambrym (click to close)

Vanuatu 2013

Lolowai Post Ambae" (click to close)

The oldest New Hebrides information I have: from an unknown book of 1801

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2012 News:

Vanuatu Post at Vila uses spray cancels now too!
Vanuatu 2011

Letter from Vanuatu to England in autumn 2011 - cancelled with a hard to read spray cancel (below "INTERNATIONAL") (click to close)

Thanks to our friend Frédéric Petit in Vila we know more:
Vanuatu 2011

Letter from Vanuatu to England in autumn 2011 - cancelled with a spray cancel, date at top right, lower stamp cancelled by hand as the spray missed it. (click to close)

The newest information from our friend Frédéric Petit in Vila:

Vanuatu Post stopped the spray cancel and returned to handstamping. I have the impression that they use what is lying on the counter: "Port Vila" or "Postage Paid" doesn't really matter.
Vanuatu 2012

Local letter July 2012 "Port Vila" (click to close)

Vanuatu 2012

Local letter July 2012 "Postage Paid" (click to close)

4 November 2018:

I just had to do this as long as I can still work at my computer: 55 wonderful black & white photos from the New Hebrides taken in about 1960 by Victor Borlandelli, a Paris-Match reporter. I think they are really nice.

Maybe some ni-Vanuatu reader can even recognise his ancestors especially on the Tanna photos.

55 b/w photos by Victor Borlandelli taken in about 1960.

14 June 2018:

I am very sorry that I have to tell the readers of these pages that my work on this site will be less in the future, because it is harder and harder for me to write and read texts because of macular degeneration in my eyes. The work becomes very tedious.

These dates of PM6 type b usage are known to me so far:
6 JUIN 24, 7 JUIN 24, 14 JUIN 24, 19 AOÛT 24 (date block inverted). You can read more here.


A number of other contributors helped to improve these pages: Stan Jersey (†) and Dudley Priester (†) from USA, John Yeomans (†) and the "Mele", "Namba 2" (†) and "RMD" (†) collections from Great Britain, the "Aore" collection from Australia and many, many others contributed some superb examples of early postal history, and they also present some choice stamp items not found elsewhere. On some pages there are images of items originating from auctions and dealer's offers. In these cases the sources are named at the place were they are presented.
Many thanks to them all for participating!

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