The Goyns/Klinger type PM6 postmark
This postmark exists as two different types


Ships in service
From 1920 to 1924 the ships serving the New Hebrides were "PACIFIQUE" for Messageries Maritimes and "MAKAMBO" for Burns Philp & Co. Ltd.

The Goyns/Klinger postmark PM6 can be found on many New Hebrides covers between 1 May 1924 and mid of January 1932.
On very few covers it can be found as a variety which is remarkably different: The difference can easily be seen with the naked eye:

These are the differences:
PM6 b has a comma after VILA and a wide gap to NELLES, PM6 a has a dot after VILA and a much smaller space. Especially PORT has narrower characters compared with PM6a. The upper writing is shorter and therefore the two dots at left & right are higher in PM6b. The double ring with the inscription of PM6b is tighter and the postmark is a bit smaller. The divider between POSTES and PORT is a dash in PM6a and a dot in PM6b.


Here are the covers and dates with PM6 b know to me (as far as I can see on the scans):

This 18 AOÛT 24 is an interesting date: The "18" on the cover to the U.S. above is rather unclear and could as well be a "12" but at this date MAKAMBO was still at Norfolk Island and I don't think that covers were cancelled so early. So let's say it is a 18. BUT: besides this one there is another cover to Francewith PM6 from 18 AOÛT 24 which very clearly carries PM6a - date block not inverted.


These dates of PM6 type b usage are known to me so far:

6 JUIN 24 -- 7 JUIN 24 -- 14 JUIN 24 -- 26 JUIN 24 -- 18 (?) AOÛT 24 (date block inverted) -- 19 AOÛT 24 (date block inverted).


Here are some more found in 2017 & 2018

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