The 1920 Provisionals: British & French Issues


Especially on the popular internet auction sites but sometimes at real auctions too faked 5c on 50c without CONDOMINIUM surface. Most are easy to recognise. Here are some examples:
5c on 50c fakes

Some samples of the 5c on 50c without CONDOMINIUM fakes.
The bottom right one is very special: postmarked 1910 for a 1920 issue!

Here you can see another one - a very dangerous fake as it is very hard to see the differences to the genuine overprint.
5c on 50c fake

Seen in an American auction: overprint sloping, distance between 5 and c too small, head of the c bent down etc. - Original at top.

In 1920 older stamps surcharged with lower values were issued as lower value stamps were destroyed by the damp heat. At least such were the arguments...
Engraving: Leonard Vincent Phillips
Design British stamp: J. Giraud  ♦  French Rade de Nouméa: H. Vollet, Typography J. Puyplat
Printing: Thomas De La Rue & Co., Ltd.  ♦  French stamp: not known
Surcharge printing: Government Suva - Fiji
First Day: 7(?) June 1920  ♦  first day recorded: 11 June 1920  ♦  French stamp:25 May 1920
Perforation: 14
This series does not exist with an official overprint "SPECIMEN".



The 1920 British provisional overprint stamps

1920 British wm CA Issue 1d on 1/-

S.-G.: 31-Yv: 65
Sc.   : **-Mi: 31

1920 British wm CA Issue 1d on 2/-

S.-G.: 32-Yv: 66
Sc.   : **-Mi: 32

1920 British wm CA Issue 1d on 5/-

S.-G.: 33-Yv: 67
Sc.   : **-Mi: 33


Quantities: 1d on ½d: 15,000   ♦  3d on 1d: 20,000   ♦  5d on 2½d: 20,000



The 1920 French provisional overprint stamps

1920 French 5c on 50c w/o Condominium

S.-G.: F32a
Yv: 58a
Sc.: **
Mi: 66 I

1920 French 5c on 50c

S.-G.: F33
Yv: 58
Sc.: **
Mi: 66

1920 French 10c on 25c

S.-G.: F33a
Yv: 59
Sc.: **
Mi: 68


Quantities: 5c on 50c w/o COND.: 300   ♦  5c on 50c: 20,000   ♦  10c on 25c: 60,000


Some earlier hammer prices for the 300 copies only stamp: June 2000 Australia: 700 US$; Sept. 2003 Paris: 618 €.
Please see some fakes at left.





The 1924 British provisional overprint stamps handstamped SPECIMEN

1920 British 1d on 1/-

S.-G.: 40-Yv: 77
Sc.   : **-Mi: 58

1920 British 1d on 2/-

S.-G.: 41-Yv: 78
Sc.   : **-Mi: 64

1920 British 1d on 5/-

S.-G.: 42-Yv: 79
Sc.   : **-Mi: 65


The seriffed word "SPECIMEN" is applied diagonally reading upwards. The stamps are believed to have originated from a UPU archival source. Not recorded by Hals & Collas. (Klinger coll.)

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