The 1921 Provisionals


Looking at the stamp market, internet and dealers' auctions I have the impression that the 2d on 40c Wmk RF in sheet must have been issued in a much higher quantity than so far recorded. The stamp shows up in nearly every auction which offers New Hebrides material.

By the end of 1920, supplies of the provisionals were exhausted due to tremendous philatelic demand. Further overprints of both British and French issues were made at Suva. All were on the 1911 series of both watermarks. Displaced and inverted surcharges and defective stops are known. No "SPECIMEN" overprints are known.
Engraving: Leonard Vincent Phillips
Design: J. Giraud
Printing: Thomas De La Rue & Co., Ltd.
Surcharge printing: Government Suva - Fiji
First Day: 10 March 1921  ♦  first day recorded: 14 March 1921
Perforation: 14
This series does not exist with an official overprint "SPECIMEN".



The 1921 British provisional overprint stamps

1921 1d on 5d

S.-G.: 30-Yv: 64
Sc.   : **-Mi: 59

1921 2d on 40c Wm RF

S.-G.: 35-Yv: 68
Sc.   : **-Mi: 63

1921 2d on 40c Wm CA

S.-G.: 34-Yv: 69
Sc.   : **-Mi: 63 I


Quantities: 1d on 5d: 9,990   ♦  2d on 40c RF: 1,200 (?)   ♦  2d on 40c CA: 18,600



The 1921 French provisional overprint stamps

1921 5c on 40c

S.-G.: F34-Yv: 60
Sc.   : ***-Mi: 67

1921 10c on 5d

S.-G.: F37-Yv: 61
Sc.   : ***-Mi: 69

1921 20c on 30c Wm CA

S.-G.: F35-Yv: 62
Sc.   : ***-Mi: 71a

1921 20c on 30c Wm RF

S.-G.: F36-Yv: 63
Sc.   : ***-Mi: 71b


Quantities: 05c on 40c: 4,830   ♦   10c on 5d: 9,990   ♦   20c on 30c CA: 15,900   ♦   20c on 30c RF: 3,000

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