Postal History of the 1938 Gold Currency Series after WW II


1938 Postal History

J.L. Mitchell
J.L. Mitchell

At the age of 17, John Leslie Mitchell arrived in Nouméa, invited by Tiby Hagen. He first lived with his aunt, Mme. Veuve N. Hagen. His uncle was Adolphus Zeitler in Epi. After the failure of one of the many Hagen companies at the beginning of the 30's, he rented the Hagen possessions in Ranon, Ambrym. R.J. Fletcher, the writer of the letters in "Isles of Illusion", worked with Mitchell for four years. Mitchell had many guests in his house, including Martin Johnson ("Cannibal-Land, Adventures with a Camera in the New Hebrides"). He was a man of culture and his library was well known. So it is not mere chance that his letters (here: 6 Sept 1948) are addressed to a librarian. (Information thanks to O'Reilly, "Hébridais", Paris 1957)

Christian Demangeot
Ch. Demangeot

Christian Demangeot was addressed as "artist and painter" on this cover from New Caledonia to Port Vila. He was not very succcessfull as he cannot be found in the internet as painter and artist. ( Cover seen on Delcampe in April 2008)

Inter-Island cancel
PCH type 90

The ship-based PCH type 90 cancel had its last day on 29 November 1949.

Brigantine Yankee
Brigantine Yankee

The Brigantine Yankee was a steel hulled schooner, originally constructed by Nordseewerke, Emden, Germany as the Emden, renamed Duhnen, 1919. As Yankee, it became famous as the ship that was used by Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson to circumnavigate the globe four times in eleven years. (Wikipedia)



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