The 1953 Definitives Postal History


Sept. 2019: a very nice impression of PM19A on the 31 August 1953 cover.

Doctor Card Info

(Cards and information thanks to the "JGI", "SeSi")
These promotional cards seem to have their origin in the 1930's. I saw cards from LINDE Düsseldorf for their products Siopect et. al. and from Beiersdorf, Wien, for their "Tussipect", both from 1936 and from Bayer in 1937 for Cantan et al. From then on dozens of companies used this method. From the New Hebrides are now known:
-type 1 : La Biomarine Laboratoires France: PLASMARINE [1954 DE 04] [1954 DE 04]
-type 2 : Abbott Labs USA: PENTOTHAL [1966 SE 01] [1966 OC 01]
-type 2a : Abbott: PANTOMICINA lettercard to Mexico 15.8.66 (handwritten address) [1966 AU1 5]
-type 2b : Abbott: PANTOMICINA lettercard to Mexico 20.8.66 (handwritten address) [1966 AU 20]
-type 2 : Despature et Fils, France: BARATHÉA (clothing)[1954 DE 04]
-type 3 : AMORA, France, (mustard), only 300 made and they are handwritten [1954 DE 04]
-type 4 : Will-Pharma B.V. Belgium: ALCASÉDINE - ULSÉDA [1955 FE 25, b]
-type 5 : Atelier céramiste LE TALLEC [1954 DE 04]
-type 6 : Papéterie d'arches: FIDELIS - paper for artists [1954 DE 04]
-type 7 : PRESTO (product for printers) [1955 FE 25]
All have the correct printed-matter rate to France : 5c., French stamp cancelled PORT-VILA 4-12-1954 or correct printed-matter rate to Belgium : 10c., French stamp cancelled PORT-VILA 25-2-1955
These societies advertised their product by sending postcards from exotic countries , all date stamped locally. The card to Docteur Urbain FLENU BELGIUM , date stamped 25-2-1955 with arrival 4-5-55 for redirection address to CUESMES seems to prove the Vila origine : journey 69 days . Too long for France-Belgium even with printed matter rate." (Sesi collection)
Not known so far from the New Hebrides (but from the Solomon Islands) Laboratorios BRUNSCHWIG's IONYL.


The Doctor, Nurses & Professor Cards


....and two taxed incoming covers.


Some 1953 Definitives FDCs

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