Some Post WW II Air Mail Postal History

Early Air Mail


Incoming TRAPAS mail to the New Hebrides

Outgoing TRAPAS mail from the New Hebrides

First air mail connection Autralia - New Hebrides via Nouméa in December 1947

Early in December 1947 the Australian Postmaster General announced the opening of an air mail service between Australia and the New Hebrides. Outward flight letters were cancelled at Sydney for the first flight on Saturday 6 December 1947 and left on the PanAm Clipper for Nouméa, New Caledonia on a regular flight on Monday 8 December. This mail was backstamped at Nouméa on 8 December 1947 and left on a TRAPAS (TRansports Arien PAcifique Sud) Catalina flying boat for Vila where the mail was backstamped on 11th December 1947.

An additional flight was offered by Pan American Airways with PanAm Clipper starting in Sydney on 9 December 1947 and the cover was cancelled in Nouméa on 10 December. The cover was carried by Trapas to Vila with the same flight as the 6 December cover above but from there it was carried on to Santo.

First regular flight Nouméa - Paris.

First air mail connection Port Vila - Paris.
The flight was conducted by TRAPAS, mail was precancelled from 20th to 26th April 1950.

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