Postal History of the 1908 Provisional Series - used in 1908


The first news on the 30 Oct LEMAIRE cover: Journal des Philatélistes, 31 December 1908
Document thanks to "SeSi", France

And here an advertisement of Th. Lemaire in the Paris philatelic paper "Le Timbre-poste" in 1909. Th. Lemaire was a dealer and editor of "Le Journal des Philatélistes".
Th. Lemaire

Th. Lemaire advertisement in "Le Timbre-poste", 1909

The PACIFIQUE runs from Sydney to Nouméa & Port-Vila in autumn 1908 were:
16 Sep -  4 Oct
14 Oct -  1 Nov
11 Nov - 29 Nov
 9 Dec - 27 Dec.

For Burns Philp & Co. Ltd the steamers TAMBO and MALAITA were doing the New Hebrides runs.


Mixed franking was allowed in November 1908 and is only seen with New Caledonian stamps, not with N.S.W. stamps.

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