1907 Unadopted Essays: The First French Provisional Issue -- New Caledonia Stamps Overprinted



After the 1907 ratification of the French-British convention of October 20, 1906 the French colonial authorities prepared a stamp issue to be used in the New Hebrides Condominium. Five New Caledonian stamps were chosen and overprinted diagonally in black "NELLES HÉBRIDES" like most of the French colonial stamps. The 1F stamp was overprinted horizontally in red. These stamps were not issued because of the abbreviation "NELLES" and the lack of the word "Condominium".

Wrong color display to show the faint overprint! The right stamp shows a color blob instead of an "S".

(Stamps from the Goron, Merot and Klinger coll.).


According to Hals/Collas "A considerable quantity of these stamps later reached the market with the status 'prepared for use but unissued'. Today (in 1967, when the book was published) they are not to be found and French cataloguers list them as essays, which they are in a sense."

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