The 1963 - 1965 Postal History


"Glen Clifford knows every nook and cranny of Yallum Park and so he should, he was born here in 1917 and has lived here ever since. For him, every room has a story like the day Princes Albert and George came to visit back in 1881." "Albert and George played on this table. Albert was heir to the throne and he died early and George became George the Fifth".

Glen's New Hebrides collection was sold at the beginning of the 90's. (see also 24 January 1967 and 18 December 1967 in "1963-65 Defs PH")
Yallum Park

Glen Clifford's home: Yallum Park

Post Office 1960s-70s

Vila old Post Office in the 1960s. Source: coll. Frederic Petit

Vila old Post Office about 1970. Source: coll. Frederic Petit


Some 1963-65 FDCs: Freedom from Hunger stamp

Some 1963-65 FDCs: Red Cross Centennial set

Some 1963-65 FDCs: I.T.U. Centenary issue

Some 1963-65 FDCs: International Cooperation Year issue

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