Ship Mail from ca. 1930 to WW II
Mail cancelled with the ship-based cancellers.

Ship Mail

A picture of this K.P.M. ship:

Le Maire

Le Maire 1908 - 1942. Image thanks to >A href="" target=new>The Java - Australia Line

This is a typical news paper note in 1934 announcing the newly arranged island cruises.
1934 Oronsay news
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Source:Trove Australia
Do you want to know more about 1930s Islands Cruises? Read this paper Jeff Blinco provided.

Oronsay I
Image thanks to Wikipedia

Compagnie Coloniale des Îles Banks

Co. Col. des Îles Banks

Compagnie Coloniale des Îles Banks

Burns Philp & Co. Ltd.: MORINDA


MORINDA Image thanks to the book "The Main Line Fleet of Burns Philp" by Wilkinson / Willson, Camberra 1981

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