The New Hebrides Postmasters (1882 -) 1908 - 1980
including the pre-Condominium Aera


Richards PM
In April 1950, Owen Richards became postmaster in Vila.


The New Hebrides Postmasters

1908 - 1910: Monsieur Roy, detached from the Nouméa Post Office to run that of the Condominium. (Hals/Collas p.80)

1910 - ? : Monsieur Deschamps

1918 - 1921 - 1922 : Monsieur Mayet (Stewart's Handbook of the Pacific 1918/21/22)

In 1934 the NH Postmaster was an Australian named Dawkins. He had been in Europe in WWI and became POW in Germany in a battle near Ypern, from there to a German farmer in Pomerania ( then north-east Germany) as a forced labour where he was treated very good as he remembered in 1934. In 1934 there used to be three currencies: Sterling, Franc and in normal trade the Oz Pound. Before 1934 the relation Franc Sterling had been set to 124 Franc = one Pound Sterling. Every public servant got his salary half in Sterling and half in Francs. The British were better off as they got much more for their Francs in England and in Oz even more, but the French servants didn't find anybody in trade and banks who gave them more than 78 Francs for the Sterling. Therefore it came that the postmaster got not 4 Oz pennies for the Franc as it would have been correct for the official relation but only two for his stamps................ (and as the French copra was taxfree but the British not, the copra british makers got only 2 pounds 11 s from MM, the French 5 pounds 15s, even if it was from the same kanakas. No wonder the British failed.) Source: the book Hans Nevermann, Kulis und Kanaken, Braunschweig 1942.

from ? until Jan 1947 Ludovic de Gaillande (* 16.6.1901 Noumea, † 25 May 1957 in Noumea) - Condominium Postmaster from ?? up to 31. January 1947.

1950 April O.E.Richards became Postmaster --- see snippet at left

1953 September O.E. Richards --- letter from Malta to him

1954 it was O.E.Richards --- letter from Peru to him

1959 Philatelic Officer A.C.Hirsch --- letter from Sweden 13 July 1959

1966 October 18 O.E.Richards (Bulletin)

1973 August 4 End of O.E.Richatrds time as postmaster. His assistant was a Monsieur Pirot, maybe he continued.

1979/80 M Lovell





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