The Second Condominium Series 1910
The Third Provisional French Issue - New Caledonia Stamps Overprinted


You can find a complete sheet of the 25c stamp with 10c overprint in "1920-24" - 1920 Millésimes.


The British Government protested against the omission of "CONDOMINIUM" on the first series, so Paris promised to correct this on the occasion of providing new stamps as the stock of the first issue was gone. The new stamps were released by the l'Agence Comptable des Timbres-Poste Coloniaux in Paris on 16 March 1910. Only the 5c, 10c and 1f were sent to Vila and went on sale there on 11 September 1910, but the 25c and 50c were not received until the end of 1911, after the issue of the definitive stamps. They were placed in reserve, although some may have been issued on request. Covers with 25c and 50c stamps earlier than end of 1911 had the stamps affixed at home from the Paris stock and were sent to Vila for processing but retained by the postmaster A. Dechamps. See letter in "1908" "Used 1911" 7 August 1911.
There were two printings: the first used the Paris inventory of the first issue and added just the word "Condominium", the second used an extra edition of the New Caledonian stamps not on sale in New Caledonia for a complete three line overprint.
As in the 1908 issue, only "8" millesimes are listed.

First printing
"Condominium" not in symmetry to the other words
and distance to "Hébrides" larger or smaller than 3 mm (1F : 4.5 mm).


(Stamps from the Goron, Merot and Klinger coll.).





Second printing
This is a proof made for the second printing at 5 July 1910.
(source: Musée de la Poste, Paris)
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Second printing
"Condominium" symmetrical to the other words and distance to "Hébrides" 3 mm (1F : 4.5 mm).

Mich 15-2 Mich 16-2 Mich 17-2 Mich 18-2
Mich 19-2s

Michel: 15 - 19

*****: ** - ***

Yvert: 15 - 19

S.-G.: F6 - F10

Printed Quantities: (without the 1920 provisionals)






42 000

84 000

96 000

42 000

10 250

Partly sold in Paris at the Colonial Stamps Agency, later sent to Vila:

30 000

60 000

16 000

14 000

 8 250

Sent to Vila

12 000

24 000

20 000

 8 000

 2 000

Overprinted in 1920



60 000

20 000


The 25c and 50c stamps were not officially on sale in Vila.
But they were there from end of 1911 on!
So I think there are a lot of "bottle of red wine" usages. ( vbg )

Sandwich Sandwich

I doubt that the 50c Pt. Sandwich cancel is of genuine use. The readable 1? D-? 1? most likely make this PCH Type 4AU used either in an unauthorised or at least unauthenticated manner after 1908.

Sandwich Sandwich

And this is a similar example - 25c Pt. Sandwich cancel. The readable part of the cancel is 12 DE 1?. This has to be investigated in the future. Images thanks to Jeff / Australia.

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