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Source: Rev. Oscar Michelsen, "Cannibals won for Christ" London, 1896

Aneityum : 1845 Samoan teachers, 28 May 1848 Rev. John Geddie, Powel and Archibald, 1852 joined by Dr. Inglis, Geddie died in 1872, successor Rev. J. D. Murray, retired in 1876, 1877 Rev. Joseph Annand, M.A., had been in Efate for four years, 1877 Dr. Inglis retired and was followed by Rev. J. W. Lawrie. Inglis died in 1891. Annand later went to Santo, Aneityum was left to Mr. Lawrie.

Futuna : Rev. John Williams, the martyr of Erromanga, visited Futuna in 1839. 1841 Rev A. W. Murray settled the first teachers (Samoans?). 1853 other teachers from Aneityum were sent. 1866: Rev. Joseph Copeland (on Tanna before), left in 1876. 1883: Dr. William Gunn.

Tanna : Three Samoan teachers placed by John Williams and Harris, London Missionary Society ship "Camden", on 18 November 1839 in Port Resolution. 1 July 1842: Turner and Nisbet were the first missionaries but had to escape in Dcember 1843. 1858 Rev J. G. Paton, Rev. J. Copeland, Rev. J. W. Matheson and Rev. S. T. Johnston. 1859 Copeland left for one year to take care of the Inglis station on Aneityum. Johnston and Matheson died before 1861, Paton left the island in 1862. 1868: Rev. Thomas Neilson in Port Resolution, retired in 1882. 1869 Rev. William Watt stayed for at least 25 years. 1882 Rev. William Grey in the north of Tanna.

Aniwa : 1840 Samoan teachers, 1866 Dr. J. G. Paton until 1881 (?).

Erromanga : Nov. 1839 : L.M.S. Camden: John Williams and Harris were murdered when landing. 1840 until 1841 Samoan teachers, 1857 Rev. G. N. Gordon, murdered in 1861, 1864 his brother Rev. J. D. Gordon arrived, 1867 Rev. James M'Nair joined him and died in 1870, Gordon was slain in 1872. Since 1872 Rev. H. A. Robertson.

Efate : 1845 teachers from Samoa, Rev. D. Morrison settled at Erakor in 1864, 1866 Rev. James Cosh for a short time, 1872 Rev. J. W. Mackenzie at Erakor, 1872 Rev. D. Macdonald at Havannah Harbour.

Nguna : Rev. Peter Milne in 1869 in Erromanga, since 1870 in Nguna.

Epi : South : 1880 Mr.Holt until 1881, since 1882 Rev. R. M. Fraser. North: 1890 Rev. T. Smaill.

Ambrim : 1883 Rev. W. B. Murray for one year, 1885 his bother Rev. Charles Murray for two years, since 1892 Rev. Robert Lamb.

Malekula : 1887 Rev. A. Morton and Rev. T. W. Leggat, 1889 Rev. John Gillan

Malo : since 1887 Rev. J. D. Landels

Santo : 1887 Rev. J. Annand settled for his third mission start, 1890 Rev. Macdonald settled too.

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