New Hebrides : 1840 - 1980 Sources and Literature
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Stamp related:

  • New Hebrides Postal rates, Postmarks, Registration cachets / labels, Malcolm Goyns & Roland Klinger, Mahego, Satchfield 2013

  • The New Hebrides, Postal Stamps and Their History, Nathan Hals, New York and Phil Collas, Melbourne, Collectors Club Handbook No. 20, 1967, The Collectors Club, Inc, New York

  • New Hebrides by Single CA. (D.B. Armstrong), The Postage Stamps Handbooks, edited by Fred. J. Melville, W. H. Peckitt, 47 Strand, WC, London, (about 1909)

  • Catalogue des Oblitérations des Colonies Françaises Bertrand Sinais et Guy Venot, Éditions Bertrand Sinais, 1989

  • New Hebrides Cancellation Study, Phillips, Crompton and Holland, Pacific Islands Study Circle (2nd ed. 1998)

  • New Hebrides Official Cachets 1908 - 1980, Bill Holland, Pacific Islands Study Circle, 2000

  • The Australasian Stamp Journal 1910 - 1930, numerous issues

  • Letters, New Hebrides Islands 1842 - 1865, S.C. Jersey, Handbook of the 44th American Philatelic Congress, 1978, p. 161 - 178

  • "The 1893 New Hebrides Military Essays by J. Crompton and H.G.L. Fletcher in The Essay Proof Journal, Vol. 20, N0. 1, 1963

  • "The Private Ship Letter Stamps of the World", Part 2, S. Ringström and H.E. Tester, ca. 1980

  • "Paquebot Cancellations of the World",Roger Hosking M.A.,

  • Various Journals including Philately from Australia, The London Philatelist, Pacifica, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 1853 and the archives of the London Missionary Society

  • Billig's Philatelic Handbook - Volume IV - The Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps - The Empire in Australasia - Part III, Robson Lowe Ltd, London 1961

  • The Stamps of the Pacific Islands - Vol. I - Compiled for the Christchurch Philatelic Society By R. J. Collins, Christchurch, NZ, 1924

  • Specimen Stamps of the Crown Colonies 1857 - 1948, by Marcus Samuel FRPSL, The Royal Philatelic Society, London, 1976

  • Yvert & Tellier, Catalogue des Timbres-poste de la France et des Colonies Françaises, Tome II, Amiens, 1936

  • New Hebrides Cancellation Study and Listing of Registration Cachets and Labels, by Nathan Hals and Jim Crompton, Pacific Island Study Circle of Great Britain (1971?)

  • New Hebrides FNH Overprints, by J. Merot and J. Crompton, "Stamp Collecting", 6th September 1979

  • Nouvelles Hébrides, Émissions de 1972 et 1977, by J. Merot, Bulletin COL.FRA Hors Série No. 9 -10 2000

  • Stamp and postal history collections of many worldwide collectors.

  • Auction catalog : Robson Lowe: The "Ray Baldwin" ...New Hebrides, London, 22nd February 1972
  • New Hebrides A resumée of the Postal History and cancellataions of the islands with prices realised of highlights of the R. A. Baldwin collection sold by Robson Lowe on 22nd February 1972, Peter Collins, Robson Lowe 1972

  • Auction catalog : Christie's Robson Lowe: The Stanley C. Jersey gold medal collection of New Hebrides, London, 18 June 1985
  • Auction catalog : Rodney Perry: ..the "Billy Joe" New Hebrides with many Exhibition items..., Melbourne, 26/27 March 1991
  • New Hebrides Islands - Military Postal History of the United States Forces 1942 - 1946 by Stanley C. Jersey, Collectors' Club of Chicago,1994.

  • Katalog der Aerogramme von Australien und Ozeanien 1992 by Arbeitsgemeinschaft "Aerogramme" im Europäischen Aero-Philatelisten-Club e.V. Stuttgart, 1992
  • The Congress Book 1978 The American Philatelic Congress, 1978
  • The Australian Air Mail Catalogue, edited by Nelson Eustis, Assistant Editor Tom Frommer, Associate Editors Frederic Angleviel, Arthur Bergen, published by Hobby Investments Pty Ltd, Adelaide, South Australia, 6th edition, 1997


Country related:

  • Journal of R. C. Morgan, 1853 - 1854, Mitchell Library manuscript collection, Sydney

  • Hébridais by Patrick O'Reilly, Société des Océanistes, No. 6, Musée de l'Homme, Paris 1957

  • calédoniens by Patrick O'Reilly, Société des Océanistes, No. 6, Musée de l'Homme, Paris 1980

  • Bibliographie des Nouvelles-Hébrides by Patrick O'Reilly, Société des Océanistes, No. 6, Musée de l'Homme, Paris 1958

  • Navigator in the South Seas by Brett Hilder, Seal Paperbacks, Adelaide 1978

  • The History of Burns Philp by K.Buckley and K.Klugman, Burns, Philp & Co. Ltd. 1981

  • The Australian Presence in the Pacific, Burns Philp 1914 - 1946, by K.Buckley & K.Klugman, George Allen & Unwin,Sydney 1983

  • All about Burns, Philp & Company, Limited, Their Shipping Agencies, Branches & Steamers. John Andrew & Company, Sydney, for Burns, Philp & Co. Ltd., 1903

  • They Came for Sandalwood by Dorothy Shineberg, University Press, Melbourne 1967


Church related:

  • Apôtres des Nouvelles Hébrides, by Père Paul Monnier S.M., Publications de la Société d'Etudes Historiques de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, (No year but later than 1984)

  • Erromanga The Martyr Isle, by H. A. Robertson, The Westminster Company, Toronto 1902

  • John Wiliams, The Martyr Missionary of Polynesia, by Rev. James J. Ellis, London, S.W.Partridge & Co, ca. 1900

  • Wonders of Missions, by Caroline Atwater Mason, New York, George H. Doran, 1922

  • In the New Hebrides, by Rev. John Inglis, D.D., London, Nelson and Sons, 1887

  • Lomai of Tanna, New Hebrides, by A. K. Langridge, London, John G. Paton Mission, Philadelphia, about 1920

  • Lomai of Lenakel, by Frank H. L. Paton, B.D., London, Fleming H. Revell, 1903

  • John G. Paton, D.D., Missionary to the New Hebrides, by Rev. James Paton, B.A., London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1893

  • John G. Paton, D.D., Later Years and Farewell, by A. K. Langridge and Frank H. L. Paton, London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1910

  • Letters and Sketches from the New Hebrides, by Maggie Whitecross Paton, London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1895

  • The Life of the Rev. John Geddie, D.D., by Rev. George Patterson, D.D., Paton, Toronto, Campbell & Son, 1882

  • Cannibals won for Christ, by Rev. Oscar Michelsen, London, Morgan and Scott, about 1901

  • Midst Volcanic Fires, by Maurice Frater, London, James Clarke & Co., about 1915

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