Correspondences : The "Meister" Covers 1920-32


Known, but we have no image: 14 July 1921
Three different 1d ovpt. stamps and the French 5c and 10c ovpts
Registered cover to "Monsieur Léonard Meister", Amarillo, Texas.

Known, but we have no image: ?? ??? 1922
6d - 3d paying the overseas rate and 3d the registration.
Registered cover to Texas redirected to Kansas. "Registered Sydney" d/s on reverse. Seen in an old Chris Rainey direct sale list.

Known, but we have no image: 2 September 1925
2F 1912 French stamp.
Registered cover to Delia but forwarded. Seen as a Chris Rainey offer in 2011.

Léonard Meister was a priest at St. Patrick's church in Holyoke, Phillips County, Colorado, USA from 1925 to 1934.

He had a steady mail connection with the New Hebrides and sometimes other islands. We now know of 36 covers from the New Hebrides to him, the first dated 14 February 1920 and the last 22 February 1932. About the first half of the covers showed different addresses and were often forwarded. The later covers went to Holyoke, Colorado.

A Meister cover is known from Nauru in 1922, and there are reports of more from PNG and Fiji. Please report more known Meister covers. The latest cover I found so far is shown at the bottom of the page: 28 August 1937 from the Solomon Islands to a Denver, Col. address.

I wonder if there are any more covers from the New Hebrides from 1932 to 1937.
30 May 2012: I found a wonderful article on L. Meister from Dr. Eric M. Bateson of Australia published in the British Caribbean Philatelic Journal Vol. 51, No. 4 Page 11. You can download the article: here

Just for fun: - three "Meisters" from the Solomons and Gilbert & Ellice Islands.
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