Correpondences : The Wilson Covers 1911-38
William Thomas Wilson, Birmingham, collector and dealer, 1847 - 1932.


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WILSON, William Thomas 1847-1932. b. in Ireland. As a dealer (he) went to USA in 1893 and bought the De Coppet collection of Mexico. Published 'The Postmarks of Mexico 1856-72' [1927]. Acted in Birmingham as sole agent, outside India, for P.S. of India, and as its joint publisher with Higginbotham & Co of Madras. Was also agent for The Scott Stamp and Coin Co. Close friend of EL Pemberton. For a short time in partnership with TW Cheveley, the philatelic auctioneer. From 1902 he was in partnership with his son, FE Wilson, an authority on Belgian stamps." (from: Who Was Who in Philately)

The W.T. Wilson cover were mostly franked with complete sets of stamps in earlier years which was rather common then. Later high values of stamps were used.
I'm not sure about W.T. Wilson to whom the 1938 covers are addressed. But maybe we'll find out with the help of our readers! Roland

Who is the following W.T. Wilson? The address is now Royal House, Sutton Coldfield (near Birmingham).
Maybe somebody can help me.

Update on 8 July 2019:
As William Thomas Wilson passed away in 1932 I think that following covers were processed by his son F.E. Wilson 6 years later.

I cannot verfy this but I found that a stamp company named "W.T. Wilson" at Royal House, South Parade, Sutton Coldfield was a prominent dealer of Br. India and Indian Feudatory States stamps and postal history and also the publisher of The Philatelic Journal of India, the monthly journal of The Philatelic Society of India, during WW2. Possibly the old name of the dealership W.T. Wilson was never changed. F.E.Wilson died at about end of the 1950s.

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