The 1980 Stamp Booklets - The last NH stamp issue?

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Philatelic Sundries

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Behind the stamps the rates are given.
(sorry, can't scan this without destroying the stamps)

"Post Cards / Cartes Postales : Par Avion _ By Air
Australia, New Zealand
Nouvelle Calédonie                    : 15 FNH

North and South America
Amérique du Nord et du Sud    : 20 FNH

Europe and Africa / Afrique      : 30 FNH"

I have booklets both with and without the "200 FHN" mark on the front, for both British and French stamps.
The normal version is the one with the mark. The late Jacques Mérot wrote in his "Catalogue Inventaire" (2001) about the version without the handstamp: "Carnets vendus ainsi quelques heures" (..sold for some hours). Later he wrote that the first version without price was sold for two days. Then "Monsieur Lovel receveur des postes néo-hébridaises décide de surseoir à leur vente et fit confectionner un cachet en caoutchouc "200 FNH". Une centaine de carnets durant les deux premier jours furent vendus sans le cachet".
Then postmaster Lovel decided to hold the sale and had a "200 FNH" rubber handstamp made. About hundred booklets without the stamp had been sold during the first two days.
The handstamp occurs in blue and purple.

S.-G.: B1 - FB1


Booklet with a double hand-stamp. Picture thanks to Peter Smith, Canada, author of the two books "The Postal History of Vanuatu 1980-1985" and "The Postal History of Vanuatu 1980-1990".
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