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1927 Sydney LOOSE SHIP


7 February 1927

Cover posted in Sydney as loose ship letter, the 1925 French 20c stamp cancelled Sydney. Oval double ring "LOOSE SHIP LETTER" handstamp. 20c is the correct rate for colonial destination as the new 50c rate was introduced on 1st April 1927.
7 February was one day after Messageries Maritime's DUPLEIX arrived from VILA.
Image thanks to Chris Rainey

22 January 1928

Cover to the U.S.A. The three 50c stamps cancelled in Sydney. Correct non-colonial letter rate. Image thanks to Lugdunum Philatélie

17 Dezember

Cover to the Asutralia. The three 20c stamps cancelled in Sydney. 10c overpaid. Image thanks to Gärtner Auktionen

14 November 1929

14 November 1929 50c New Hebrides on a letter from Tahiti to Canada. Seen on an internet auction.

14 November 1929

14 November 1929 50c New Hebrides on a postcard from Papeete, Tahiti to France. Overpaid 10c as the colonial long message postcard rate was 40c. Image thanks to Lugdunum Philatélie

14 November 1929

9 September 1937

Ship mail to Ewell England. The stamps tied by machine cancel SYDNEY 9 SEP 1937 PAQUEBOT and SYDNEY 4 9 SE 37 handstamp. ("SeSi" coll.)

22 February 1938

Ship mail to D SAn Francisco cancelled Sydney (S.S. MORINDA).
Image thanks to Steve Drewett>

24 August 1938

Sydney PAQUEBOT letter to New Zealand. Cancelled OAMAHU on 5 SE 1938 too, redirected to Otago. Sydney 24 August 1938 is the day after BP MORINDA arrived from Vila.
Image thanks to Steve Drewett incorporating Empire Stamp Auctions.)

24 August 1938

The PIERRE LOTI arrived in Sydney on 10 Novemebr 1938. The cover is heavily overpaid as
the colonial letterrate was 10cg. Backstamped St. Sever 12 December 1938
Image thanks to Prins Philatelie France.

27 January 1939

Sydney paquebot cancel on a 10cg cover to England.
Image thanks to Lugdunum Philatélie France.) 27 January 1939


19 July 1940

Registered mail from Wallis on 22 January 1939 to Kuopio, Finland. Routed via New Hebrides and backstamped Vila 1 February 1939 with Goyns Klinger type PM7B and Kuopio 21. March 1939.
(Klinger coll.)

19 July 1940
19 July 1940

Shipmail from Nauru to Burns Philp in Sydney. The New Hebrides 20cg stamp also struck with a TRIENZA cachet. Trienza was a phosphate carrier owned by British Phosphate Commissioners.
(A British gentleman's coll)

5 October 1941

Shipmail paquebot Sydney to Sydney - uncensored. (ex Millet coll.)

5 October 1941

Shipmail from Tanna to Sydney and then by air to Suva. That's written on the cover. Machine cancel Sydney 3 March 1947. The rate would have been calculated by adding the air surcharge to the normal postage. 20g letter to Suva 30cg, air surcharge Fiji 25 cg per 5gr so minimum was 1Fg30cg possibly. But this looks like a heavy cover, so maybe higher postage. On the cover there are used 80cg...a 10gr cover??? (ex Millet coll.)
TAMBUA arived in Sydney on 3 March 1947 9:52 a.m. coming from Suva says the Sydney Morning Herald on 4 March. She belonged to the Colonial Sugar Refining Company. And yes, there was air mail service to Fiji on 4 March 1947 at 1 a.m. via New Zealand says the Daily Commercial News and Shipping List (Sydney) of 3 March. But there are no further markings on the cover to confirm this routing.

5 October 1941


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